“Our once great western Christian civilization is dying. If this matters to followers of Jesus Christ, then we must set aside our denominational differences and work together to strengthen the things that remain and reclaim what has been lost. Evangelicals and Catholics must stand together to re-establish that former Christian culture and moral consensus. We have the numbers and the organization but the question is this: Do we have the will to win this present spiritual battle for Jesus Christ against secularism? Will we prayerfully and cooperatively work toward a new Christian spiritual revival ― or will we choose to hunker down in our churches and denominationalisms and watch everything sink into the spiritual and moral abyss of a New Dark Age?” - Mark Davis Pickup

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WHY DID SO MUCH OF AMERICA LOSE ITS MORAL WAY? (Remember your foundational vision.)

Dead baby from late-term abortion
Perhaps the greatest moral blight on America since slavery is abortion.* The whole-scale slaughter of more than 55-million innocents throughout all stages of pregnancy on the altar of sexual freedom for their parents. This gross violation of the foundational right to life can not be overlooked by civilized people or legitimately justified.

It is past time for a national examination of conscience and repentance. America elected a President who supports abortion including late-term abortion and this was well known dating back when he was an Illinois state senator. Barack Obama has been elected twice (see video below). How could this happen?

I love America and what it stood for: For so long it has been a beacon of hope to the world for human rights and liberty for all. I am left to wonder: How could this happen twice? Why did so much of America lose its moral way? 

And then I consider that millions of Americans do not support the cruel status quo of abortion on demand. A majority of Americans reject abortion. Look what recently happened in Texas! Perhaps there is time to still turn away from the systematic killing of America's unborn children and restore the belief in liberty for all. It's critical that America and its institutions return to the towering Declaration of its Founders. I have faith in America. The good people of America will remember that Declaration's vision and virtue and turn away from the liberal left's inferior and twisted deviation that denies the first inalienable right of the Declaration of Independence. -- MDP

* Canada is bad too. All abortions are taxpayer funded and have been for decades.

Monday, July 29, 2013


This blog has had well over 200,000 visits from all over  the world
so I want to give a bit of a preface to this post. Remember that I live in the Canadian province of Alberta. There is an organization that call themselves the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities (ACCD). They produced very good video about barrier free health and medical services (see link below).

At a personal level I have been very fortunate in this regard. In fact, when my GP was building her new offices, she consulted me for recommendations to make the new building as barrier-free as possible. She went to great lengths to accommodate her patients' with disabilities.

But that is one doctor and one facility. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all people with disabilities. Because of this, the ACCD produced the following video that is universal in its application. Well done! See it at the following link.

Mark Davis Pickup

Monday, July 22, 2013


The world is going crazy!

Chloe Jennings-White
I came across the case of Chloe Jennings-White, a Cambridge educated researcher who wants to be disabled. (What is she researching?)

The strange story came to my attention through a friend and actual paraplegic, Chelsea Zimmerman. I highly recommend you visit Chelsea's Blog: Reflections of a Paralytic at http://reflectionsofaparalytic.com

Paraplegic wannabe Chloe Jennings-White found some unethical doctor somewhere who is willing to surgically sever her spinal cord if she could only raise the necessary $25,000 required to render this able-bodied woman disabled. Perhaps she could start a fund raising event: "Help Chloe become paraplegic." Sheesh!

For someone like me who is actually disabled with multiple sclerosis, and in a wheelchair, I can only dream of walking again.
Does Jennings-White fantacize about attention she would get being in a wheelchair? Sorry Chloe, people tend to avoid those in wheelchairs. Does she have a right to be disabled? Don't laugh, people are now saying they have a right to choose the time and place of their assisted suicide, and places like Oregon and the state
 of Washington actually grant it. Like I say, the world is going crazy.

Jennings-White suffers from a psychiatric condition known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). She believes her body is telling her that her legs should not work. Her view of reality is skewed. She is sick, I get that, but are we supposed to buy into this nonsense like we are supposed to buy into sex change surgery at taxpayer expense (my Canadian province of Alberta does that) or assisted suicide as some sort of right?

I hope nobody helps Chloe Jennings-White to harm herself. - MDP


Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have previously revealed how my wife, LaRee, and I aborted our first child in 1971. Our baby was just shy of 12 weeks gestation. We grieved that "choice" for decades.

For more than 40 years women (and men) have been ignorantly led down the garden path to abortion only to be left in a dark place once they realized what they had done.

It's so easy to champion the choice of abortion when you don't have walk the path of that choice. How many millions of women grieve their abortions? Abortions are now being done throughout pregnancy. -- Mark Davis Pickup. See -


Sunday, July 14, 2013


G.K. Chesterton
My last blog post referred readers to my person blog where I wrote about G.K. Chesterton. He is a favourite author of mine (and millions of other people). Chesterton's mind was so muscular, his logic as sharp as a razor, his orthodox Catholic faith as solid and substantial as stone.

This blog offering is from a television series aired on EWTN entitled G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense. This episode is called Life and Death and is 26 minutes long.  I present it for your viewing with special thanks to the American Chesterton Society. -- Mark

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


G.K. Chesterton
See the latest blog post by Mark Davis Pickup entitled "CHESTERTON'S