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Monday, August 25, 2008

More on Canadian late term abortions: Suppressing the terrible truth.

My June 5th 2008 blog was called "Canada and late term abortions." It dealt with the fact that there are no restrictions against abortion at any point throughout all 9 months of pregnancy in my country. You can have an abortion for any reason or no reason -- and this occurs even in late term pregnancies. Canadian abortion supporters deny it. Even the national advertising regulatory body Advertising Standards Canada tries to suppress this horrible reality by ordering removal of all advertisements revealing this grisly truth. Oh, Canada! Where did you go so terribly wrong?

Below is the text of a press release I received from a Canadian pro-Life group.

For Immediate Release

August 25, 2008

Dejavu - Advertising group says ads are “deceptive”

In a bizarre – yet anticipated- ruling last week, Advertising Standards Canada (ASC), rejected fact based evidence from Stats Canada, confirming, abortions do occur throughout all nine months of pregnancy and a ruling from the Supreme Courts, which shows that there are no laws against abortion in Canada.

Corry Morcos, president of Edmonton Prolife, the group behind the billboards, said the decision was “unbelievable, but expected” given the previous ruling regarding the Life Canada ads. “Governments have failed to enact any legislation as requested by the Supreme Court in the 1988 Morgentaler decision, and that is why today we have no protection for the unborn in Canada. Abortions are totally unrestricted by any laws. But apparently educating, through advertising, about this truth is not allowed.”

The ad “9 Months, that is the amount of time the government say it is legal to have an abortion. Abortion. Have we gone too far? “has been running for two years and one complaint has been received. The ad is speaking solely to the legal status of abortion in Canada, yet ASC wanted the ads to include various medical guidelines. Women will be interested to note that according to ASC women may not be assured an abortion simply upon request particularly after the first trimester.

In the appeal ruling, Ad standards was silent on many of the grounds for appeal issues raised by Edmonton Prolife. In particular the issue of competing interests. “Council did not do its due diligence in looking for “competing interest”. The complainant in the case is an activist in the “pro choice” movement and clearly has a “competing interest”.

The ASC, a self-regulating body of Canada’s advertising industry, wants to appear to be the gatekeeper for consumers, to make sure we are receiving the truth. Their website states

“ASC is the industry body committed to creating and maintaining community confidence in advertising.”

Confidence? The very media organizations that the Ad Standard represents have written numerous articles deriding the Ad standard council’s prior decisions against similar ads. When your own membership questions your integrity, the confidence that the general public has in the ASC is compromised. When ASC calls facts deceptions, the authority of the ASC to be keeper of all that is “truthful, fair and accurate” in advertising rings hollow to many.

It is completely mind boggling for Edmonton Prolife to be held to the ruling of a self-regulating, unnamed complaints panel of anonymous people who can claim anything they want, without providing a shred of documentation. Yet when Edmonton Prolife, provides documentation, including government statistics, and legal rulings, those facts are dismissed as false, misleading and inaccurate.

Prolife groups and their messages of facts and truth are being censored, that is the bottom line.

For more information, contact Corry Morcos at 780-455-5249 or Edmonton Prolife at 780-425-1637

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