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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If Canada really is "pro-choice", then balance the Choice

Abortion denies life.

My wife, LaRee (photo left), had an abortion at seventeen. She was not given information about the procedure and left ignorant about its after-effects -- the regrets and guilt that lasted for years. Today, LaRee is the provincial Director of Alberta Pro-Life Association (Canada). She is convinced that no abortion should be performed without providing women with full disclosure about the procedure, information about prenatal life, and the risks associated with abortion. There are very real and serious risks.

Abortion is a sign that society
has failed women. No woman should have to choose between the life of her child and her education or career. A society that is truly concerned about her needs should ensure both options are available to her.


Provinces provide millions of tax dollars to pay for abortions on demand.

If Canadians really are “pro-choice”, why is only one
choice so heavily funded? I propose a balanced approach. Provide equal funding for women who choose life for their babies. Provide funding to homes for unwed mothers where they can finish their education and receive prenatal care and life skills training.
Provide funding for community and faith based partnerships with government for shepherding homes where women in crisis pregnancies can establish or re-establish community connections and mentoring. Give women positive choices not just negative choices.

The fact is this: Canada not a pro-choice society. We are pro-abortion. If Canada was in favour of choice we would ensure the choice was evenly weighed for women. But we don’t do that. We only support the abortion choice.

Canadian society can not legitimately claim to be pro-choice. It favours abortion and says so with its funding.

Mark Pickup

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