“Our once great western Christian civilization is dying. If this matters to followers of Jesus Christ, then we must set aside our denominational differences and work together to strengthen the things that remain and reclaim what has been lost. Evangelicals and Catholics must stand together to re-establish that former Christian culture and moral consensus. We have the numbers and the organization but the question is this: Do we have the will to win this present spiritual battle for Jesus Christ against secularism? Will we prayerfully and cooperatively work toward a new Christian spiritual revival ― or will we choose to hunker down in our churches and denominationalisms and watch everything sink into the spiritual and moral abyss of a New Dark Age?” - Mark Davis Pickup

Sunday, October 27, 2013



Ken Cuccinelli
The link above is to an article by American Life advocates Anna Franzonello and Bill Saunders
entitled "Support for Pregnancy Centers considered "scandal" by NARAL" (National Abortion Rights Action League).  Apparently NARAL dug up new "dirt" that Virginia candidate for Governor, Ken Cuccinelli. His charitable giving includes support to a Crisis Pregnancy Centre that helps women choose life for their babies. Gasp! What a dastardly thing to do! Jail that man and throw away the key. Helping women in crisis pregnancy and their babies is a scandal according to NARAL.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers across America and Canada have helped thousands of women to make life-affirming choices for themselves and their babies. If NARAL: Pro-choice American is really in favour of women having choices about their pregnancies, what is the problem with the choice for life and supportive services that re-enforce that choice? Nothing. But apparently for abortion ideologues only one choice should be actively supported: abortion.

I co-founded one such center in Edmonton (Canada). For nearly thirty years they have been a vital Christian ministry in the community. They are known as the Edmonton Pregnancy Care Centre.  The EPCC provides counselling to abortion inclined women, post-abortive counselling, abstinence education and a number of other services. They provide needed care to women and the community supports them.

Why would any reasonable human oppose helping women not to abort their babies, or give counselling to women and men who regret their abortions, or encouraging young people to abstain from sex until marriage in an era of rampant sexually transmitted infections? Liberals and abortion proponents, that's who. They attack pro-Life pregnancy centers regularly. See my previous blog. It is time these anti-life extremists be exposed and repudiated by people of good will.


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