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Monday, June 30, 2008

Mass murderer of the unborn to be given Canada's highest civilian award?

Here in Canada, rumours are rife that the nation's infamous king of abortion, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, may receive Canada's highest civilian honour -- the Order of Canada. This is truly an outrage because it is tantamount to saying abortion is a Canadian value. That is not true.

Millions of Canadians are deeply offended at the status quo of abortion on demand (which Henry Morgentaler is a key figure in bringingf to Canada). Even his name strikes controversy. He is the darling of abortion ideologues that apparently includes the Governor General who is the official represent in Canada of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. (I wonder if Her Majesty is aware that the Governor General's Office has been hijacked by radical left-wing interests and agendas?

When I heard the rumour (from credible sources) that Abortionist Henry Morgentaler is about to be given the Order of Canada, I wrote and faxed an urgent letter to Canada's Prime Minister with a copy to the Governor General to voice my outrage at the Order of Canada being used to celebrate the abominable work of a mass murderer of unborn children, Henry Morgentaler. (Text of my at the end of this blog.)

Let me put this into context for American readers of this blog: Imagine if the Presidential Medal of Freedom was awarded to Jack Kevorkian! How would you feel?

A mass murderer of the unborn being given Canada's highest civilian award?! That is not my Canada. Mind you, nor is my Canada a place where seven out of ten Canadians agree with assisted suicide of the disabled and chronically ill, like me. (Public opinion surveys consistently show 70% support for assisted suicide for the terminally or chronically ill or severely disabled people.)

It is a terrible thing to feel like a stranger in one's own country.

Mark Pickup


The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister:

Henry Morgentaler and the Order of Canada

It has come to my attention that the Governor General of Canada plans to bestow Henry Morgentaler with the Order of Canada on July 1st. If this is true then I must protest this scandalous decision by the Governor General. It will bring dishonor to Canada’s highest honour.

The very name of Henry Morgentaler strikes division amongst Canadians. Please have your staff immediately confirm whether the Governor General plans to give the Order of Canada on Henry Morgentaler and register your strenuous objection if it is true.

The Order of Canada should be the pride of all Canadians without tarnishing Canada’s highest civilian honour by the scandal of awarding it to Canada’s most infamous abortionist. This is an outrage!

Please take immediate action. Thank you.


Mark Pickup

Prime Minister's office fax #
(613) 941-6900, constituency office Fax # (403) 253-8203
Governor General fax # (613) 998-8760.

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