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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The natural death of Samuel Golubchuk

http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080213/life_support_080213/20080213?hub=Health, "Orthodox Jew to Remain on Life support, trial next."

Orthox Jew, Samuel Golubchuk (84), died of natural causes today at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada. His family heroically defended their father's right to live until natural death. (See http://www.samuelgolubchuk.com/). For background see above story.

In short, Mr. Golubchuk's doctor's wanted to remove his respirator. And in the event that he committed the unpardonable sin of breathing on his own, they wanted to seal his fate by removing nutrition and hydration and administering morphine to allay the pain of dying of thirst and hunger. How merciful of them. Contrary to Right to die lawyer and space cadet, George Felos' claim, dying of starvation and thirst is not "peaceful" nor "beautiful." (See previous blog "Foreshadows of things to come")

Remember, this was in a Christian hospital!

Samuel's doctor's decided his case was "futile." Golubchuk's family strenuously objected to the hastening of their father's death. They considered it euthanasia. How very precise and exact of them. That's exactly what it would have been. They filed an injunction to stop it. Fortunately a Manitoba court ruled that he should continue to receive care.

Samuel Golubchuk's family believed that he should die a natural death without an impatient medical team trying to hurry the process. The doctors were incensed! One even resigned (how dare mere mortals contest his decision!)

In the end, after all the legal wrangling, posturing and pontificating by the Manitoba medical establishment, and the Graceless Hospital, ... Samuel Golubchuk passed away naturally.

Mr. Golubchuk's family can take consolation knowing they vigorously defended his right to life until natural death. By extension, they defended all of us who live compromised lives with chronic illnesses. None of are futile and nor is our care.

Rest in peace, Samuel Golubchuk.

Mark Pickup

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