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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Wesley J. Smith
Wesley J. Smith "Brittany Maynard Attacks Hospice Doctor Urging Her Not To Kill Herself", LifeNews.com, 28 October 2014

The link above will connect you to a revealing article by prolific American writer and author Wesley J. Smith. It is about the agenda behind the tragic case of terminally ill Brittany Maynard (29).  I ask readers of this blog to click on the link. Wesley Smith clears the smoke to reveal dark forces behind this sad case. Maynard is angry with palliative care physician Dr. Ira Byock for rightfully stating what proper hospice care can do for people with brain cancer.

I know this first hand: My mother had brain cancer (and bone cancer) both notorious for pain. She received first rate palliative care and died without physical pain and not in a drugged stupor. My mother was clear and pain-free to the end. She was not unique; she had a physician who knew what he was doing. It happens all the time. 

But the euthanasia/assisted suicide advocates do not want you to hear that and are using the Brittany Maynard case to try and silence that good news about dazzling strides in 21st Century palliative pain management. 

Groups like Compassion and Choices (yeah right) want the public
to have mental images of terminally ill people suffering unbearable pain, crying out for relief that doctors are unable to give, except through death.  It's a false image! That image is suitable to the 1970s not the 21st Century. If you know someone is is dying in great pain, they do not need assisted suicide or euthanasia, they need a new doctor.


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