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Saturday, May 24, 2014



I received an urgent request from LifeNews.com to sign a petition to Sudan to spare the life  of Christian convert Meriam Ibraham. The details are below and a link to sign a petition is above. Will it influence the Sudanese government? I don't know, but we must try. She is our sister in Christ and is about to be tortured and killed for her Christian faith. Are we prepared to die for our Christian faith? I ask that you sign the petition above, ask your friends, co-workers, neighbors, family and members of  your church to sign it. DO IT QUICKLY! MERIAM'S LIFE AND THAT OF HER UNBORN CHILD HANG IN THE BALANCE. (Her 20 month old son is also jailed with her and sick from prison conditions.)

From LifeNews.com

Meriam Ibrahim is 8-months pregnant and is a Christian woman sentenced to hang to death in Sudan for rejecting Islam. She is being shackled by Sudanese officials despite the fact she is eight-months pregnant and there are grave concerns for her health and the health of her unborn baby.

Meriam will be tortured - beaten with 100 lashes for marrying an American Christian. Then she will be hung for being a Christian. Meanwhile, her son, a 20-month-old boy and American citizen, is also jailed with her and is sick from the prison conditions.

Ibrahim’s husband, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, said lawyers representing her told Amnesty International that religious clerics in court had asked her if she would recant her faith, but she told them: “I am a Christian.”The death sentence issued to a woman who refused to renounce Christianity for Islam in Sudan is an “egregious violation of basic human rights,” Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04), Chairman of the House congressional panel that oversees U.S. policy in Africa, said previously.
“This is an affront to religious freedom everywhere,” Smith said. “The refusal of the government of Sudan to allow religious freedom was one of the reasons for Sudan’s long civil war. The U.S. and the rest of the international community must demand Sudan reverse this sentence immediately.”

WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY: Please sign the LifeNews petition to support Meriam Ibrahim and raise awareness about her and her unborn child. Join with us to tell the world that this is an affront to religious freedom, the right to life, and human rights. Join LifeNews to call on the government of Sudan to reverse this sentence and release Meriam Ibrahim immediately so she and her unborn baby can get the medical care and attention they desperately need.

Over 2,500 people have already signed the petition to support Meriam, will you take 60 seconds to join them?


bnc said...

This is an issue I am torn about Mark. Certainly the woman's live is as valuable as mine or any others for that matter. What tears me is that a sovereign nation has made a decision and our respective governments should not intervene.

I think the one truth here is that Islam is profoundly evil for it is Islam that wants to murder this woman.

Mark Davis Pickup said...

The Apostle John wrote "Yet to all who received him [Jesus Christ] to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God -- children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God." Miriam is my sister in Christ which connects us closer & more eternally that genetics or adoption.She is about to have her life taken from her because of her Christian faith. I must defend my sister.

Catholic Psych Doc said...

The 100 lashes in itself is a death sentence. Then they will hang her lifeless body as a testament to their cruelty and as an example for any other Christian that won't renounce their faith.

It is exactly because governments have not intervened and stopped Sharia law, that, God help us, we will see this type of atrocity come to the US.

Mark Davis Pickup said...

Thank you Psych Doc and BNC for your comments. I suspected the 100 lashes will kill Miriam - I don't think I could survive them.

BNC: You're right that Christians are being murdered by the thousands. I can not help thousands of Christians but I can try to help this one. I'm only one man. I do what I can. What else would you suggest?