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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The new head of Canada's Medical Association, Dr. Chris
Dr. Chris Simpson with Liberal
leader Justin Trudeau. Canada's Liberal
Party has an official position to
decriminalize assisted suicide
if elected. Are Canada's
stars of death aligning? 
Simpson, has stated that doctor assisted death could be appropriate after all other choices have been exhausted. Really? He said there are enough doctors will to kill their patients in this brave new world of post Hippocratic medicine. Really! See link below.


Dr. Simpson's frightening comments hardly inspire confidence in me;  I've been incurably ill for more than 30 years and disabled with the degenerative disease of multiple sclerosis. I can only hope that if I'm ever in a position where I can't speak for myself the presiding physician won't be one of the doctors Simpson mentioned. They may look at me and rightfully conclude I will never be normal and a burden on the health care system. I may have insufficient "quality of life" according to whatever utilitarian definition the presiding doctor decides to use. (God help me if Canada's Supreme court rules in favour of assisted suicide next month, or a future government decriminalizes assisted suicide and euthanasia.)

Wesley J. Smith is one of North America's top bioethical thinkers.
Wesley J. Smith
He gave a blunt but accurate assessment of Dr. Simpson's comments. See


Well said Mr. Smith, well said, and thank you. I can only hope I never encounter one of Simpson's doctors willing to hasten my death. I want a natural death, not an imposed one!

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