“Our once great western Christian civilization is dying. If this matters to followers of Jesus Christ, then we must set aside our denominational differences and work together to strengthen the things that remain and reclaim what has been lost. Evangelicals and Catholics must stand together to re-establish that former Christian culture and moral consensus. We have the numbers and the organization but the question is this: Do we have the will to win this present spiritual battle for Jesus Christ against secularism? Will we prayerfully and cooperatively work toward a new Christian spiritual revival ― or will we choose to hunker down in our churches and denominationalisms and watch everything sink into the spiritual and moral abyss of a New Dark Age?” - Mark Davis Pickup

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I am available to address the perils of euthanasia and assisted suicide or a Christian perspective on suffering. For bookings write to me at HumanLifeMatters@shaw.ca

HumanLifeAlliance (Minneapolis, Minnesota) has made a new
New end-of-life documentary
video called Informed: Life is Worth Living. This documentary provides information and individual perspectives for making informed medical decision revolving around incurable disease and end of life issues. 

The U.S. based Pro-Life Health Care Alliance featured the production in a recent email newsletter. They stated, in part:

"Informed: Life is Worth Living is an essential resource to communicate pro-life healthcare information. Viewers will learn about the dangers inherent in today's end-of-life decisions. They'll be equipped with information from individuals who have first-hand experience in navigating these crucial choices. Chapter titles include:
  • Understanding Critical Medical Decisions
  • Peter's Story: When a Child Dies
  • Brain Death: Jennifer Hamann's Story
  • The Hidden Story about Organ Donation
  • Living With a Deadly Diagnosis
  • Facing the Disability Challenge
  • Understanding Depression and Dying
  • Hospice: Making an Informed Decision
  • What about Food and Water
  • The Myth of Physician Assisted Suicide Safeguards.

"Available in DVD format or online, "Informed" includes interviews with leading pro-life advocates such as Julie Grimstad (Life is Worth Living), Mary Kellett (Prenatal Partners for Life), Jennifer Hamann (CA Nurses for Ethical Standards), Dana Palmer (cancer survivor), Mark Davis Pickup (disability rights advocate), Dr. Karl Benzio (Lighthouse Network), and Jo Tolck (Human Life Alliance)."

"More than just a sound bite, at a runtime of 56:49, this video offers an introduction to end-of-life decisions with depth. "It provides densely packed information. Viewers will want to watch this series more than once to get the full message," HLA Executive Director, Jo Tolck pointed out. "Informed: Life is Worth Living will save lives. This informative series is perfect for churches, small groups, and all of us who need to make critical medical decision."

Copies can purchased in DVD format or online at humanlife.org.

Click on image below or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiGA_ztiD_Y to see my interview Facing the Disability Challenge because, well, this is my blog. Having said that all eleven segments of the video are worth seeing and I highly recommend getting a copy of Informed: Life is Worth Living.

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